Music For Sensitive People

Sensitive Evolution Radio is an internet radio station for all sensitive people. It includes an hour of yoga music in the morning starting at 6 AM followed by an hour of meditation music which ends with a Native American Chant for well-being and prosperity. Next comes the daily music schedule which has a nature music segment every hour for releasing energy and decompressing throughout the day. Finally, at 10 PM we start the nightly selections of nature sounds for a great night's sleep.

There are some geographical restrictions for licensing reasons. If you are in the United States or Canada, you can listen using the player below, the stream link provided or the mobile app links also provided below. All international listeners can access the music and through the stream links.

This is the sequence of steps for using the player:

  1. Click on the Listen Now button provided directly below or further down on the page. It will take you to a Live365 player.

  2. Click on the large button on the top which will activate the player so you can listen to the music.

  3. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can access the stream directly HERE.

NOTE: the music schedule is set for the EDT USA timezone.

We hope you enjoy the station and that you share it with other sensitive people.  We hope the music helps you have a wonderful day every day!

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Sensitive Evolution is the voice that I keep quiet. It speaks up and validates.


Sensitive Evolution offers some of the most refined truths about the characteristics of high sensitivity... Thanks.

Popa Mihai

I find it very interesting and validating as it's sometimes scary being a highly sensitive male in this macho world.


Everything I read on the Sensitive Evolution blog is so 'spot on'. It's like your answering the questions in my subconscious. Thank you. 


Dealing with many different sites and social networks which speak on the Highly Sensitive and Introverts, Sensitive Evolution is the one that seems refreshing, light, and not overstimulating. No flashing banners, type A personalities, nor drama. I greatly appreciate this site.

Kevin Thomas

What I appreciate most about the Sensitive Evolution information is the upbeat energy. I find to be HS is to see and feel the most sublime aspects of reality. To see more and more articles that address this aspect is reassuring and that many times to be HS is also to be a Cultural Creative Visionary.

Erial Ali